Julie Lomax Photography

Professional Photography services in bolton and throughout the North West.

Hi I’m Julie a freelance photographer based in Bolton. I have been taking pictures nearly all my life and have worked as a photographer for all my working life! Working in Press for 12 years and as a freelance for 11 years.

I specialise in Editorial and PR Photography, for small to medium sized businesses.
I also shoot for Schools and Colleges and do professional portrait packages.

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Julie’s Journey To Ironwomen, I mean man!

Week 4 What a week Total of 88.9 miles done this week, 71.1 on the bike, 15.3 running and 4374 yards swimming and a strength and conditioning class,

BYPHS Annual report front cover, Love the images!

Wow take a look at this, my images from one of my favourite project, I LOVE IT, but I would do you? Local charity BYPHS http://www.byphs.org.uk

Julie’s Journey to Iron women I mean man!

Week 4   Well Monday, last day of Lagos training and a split run session on the cards! Up early to do my first session and wow is

Julie’s journey to iron women, I mean man

Week 3 Fed up of getting lost got a plan for my run, gonna do laps and try a 10k! This worked loved it really put it in

Julie’s journey to Ironwoman I mean man

Week 2 Ok week two started really well swim session with Ray, it's so much easier to do the sessions with someone with swimming I find I just

Julie’s journey to Iron-women, I mean man!

Week 1. Well I signed up on Monday after visiting the toilet a few times for my first Ironman (Ironman UK 2017), first person in the queue at

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