Scruffy Monkey !!!!

Well some good news for Julie Lomax Photography, I am going to be working with Chris Dawes from Scruffy Monkey, as an associate Photographer, looking forward to getting involved, please see Scuffy Monkey's Blog!  

School Prospectus photography

School prospectus and website images. Here are some images from a primary school I did recently to improve their prospectus and website, I took all the shots during school time and worked round the classes

Bolton College STEM centre and Bloodhound!

STEM COMES TO BOLTON I had the pleasure of working with Bolton College and The Bloodhound education team last week at Bolton college, oh and over a 1000 pupils from schools over the north west.

Portrait 10 minute practice

Ok one background, 1 model, 10 minutes what can I do, practicing, really enjoyed, gonna do the same next week with a reflector to, this will slow down the number of shots, but will improve

Faces of Bolton

Finally I can say my 1st exhibition will be held at The Octagon Theatre in Bolton! Created with bestofbolton! After 10 years in business I decided to work towards a celebration of my photography.  I

50 Shades of Photo’s

Bit of a pun I know but why not. Take a look at some of my recent images 50 in total just a small selection of things I cover on a daily basis!  

Wow Hoo!!!!!! Seconf in the country please click the link to watch the clip!

Julie Lomax Photography voted Highly Commended in a National Competition!

  February has always been a special time of year for all those in love. It is a time when loved ones go out of their way to show they care. And that’s just what

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