Julies Journey to Ironwomen I mean Man!

Week 5 I have not had chance to do my self portrait, still in school holidays and juggling a lot of balls, will try again next week! 9 hours total training on a slight taper

Botany Bay Canal Fest, AMAZING!

Just loved this event, Hot air ballon, Canal Barges and lots of local delights!      

Bolton Food and Drink Festival highlights from day 1

Love Bolton Food and Drinks Festival, day 1 hightlights!  

Julie’s Journey To Ironwomen, I mean man!

Week 4 What a week Total of 88.9 miles done this week, 71.1 on the bike, 15.3 running and 4374 yards swimming and a strength and conditioning class, total 10 hours 39 minutes training. I've

BYPHS Annual report front cover, Love the images!

Wow take a look at this, my images from one of my favourite project, I LOVE IT, but I would do you? Local charity BYPHS http://www.byphs.org.uk

Julie’s Journey to Iron women I mean man!

Week 4   Well Monday, last day of Lagos training and a split run session on the cards! Up early to do my first session and wow is it hot! Hottest day yet and not

Julie’s journey to iron women, I mean man

Week 3 Fed up of getting lost got a plan for my run, gonna do laps and try a 10k! This worked loved it really put it in chased some runners down as well, best

Julie’s journey to Ironwoman I mean man

Week 2 Ok week two started really well swim session with Ray, it's so much easier to do the sessions with someone with swimming I find I just go into boring 1 lap 2 lap

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