I don’t normally get to a accident that quickly, well to be honest I don’t do this type of work anymore that was in my staff days as a press photographer, but today was different in a lot of ways!

I got there that early the casualty’s were walking around uninjured anticipating the event! In fact it was an event the media students at Bolton College were helping out with a 999 demo for students and local youngsters and councillors to make them swear what happens when someone as crashed there car!

It was excellent take a look, the makeup was so good it made me feel queezy  and the demonstration was excellent, I’m sure after watching that everybody will be much more careful driving round Bolton!

Media Makeup_0001Media Makeup_0002Media Makeup_0003Media Makeup_0004Media Makeup_0005Media Makeup_0006Media Makeup_0007Media Makeup_0008Media Makeup_0009Media Makeup_0010

Media Makeup_0011