Some shots from todays Ironkid event, Wow what a day, tears all round, excellent job kids, Ironman and Bolton! Please feel free to share and tag. Contact me Contact me  

Julie’s Journey to Ironman, I mean Women!

Week ? not really sure! Its been a big gap since I last posted, Christmas and New Year have flown by! We lost our best buddy just after New Year, my little jack was almost

Julie’s Journey to Ironman I mean Women!

Week 13 Its a good job I'm not number phobic or I wouldn't of written a blog this week! But I used to live at 13 and that house set us off for a good

Julie’s Journey to Ironman I mean women!

Week 12 Well what can I say this training lark isn't that easy, I never thought it would be! It's the emotion's that go with it, that are harder to deal with and anybody that

Julie’s Journey to Ironman I mean women!

Week 9 Well after my disaster at the Bolton Bash Cycle Sportif I am having a break Monday and Tuesday I got up and decided I still didn't feel great, so Tuesday was a day

Julie’s Journey to Ironman I mean women

Week 9 Well you live and learn! Monday felt great jumped in the pool to do the session and by halfway through was struggling, I needed water which I had forgotten but I felt it

Julie’s Journey to Ironman I mean women

Week 8 Well to be honest a similar week of training to last week, my swim sessions felt good, as this week everyone knew were they were swimming and an idea of what was going

Julie’s Journey to Ironman I mean woman!

Week 7 Well after Saturday, I am feeling good, Sunday was my day off after Sundowner which I enjoyed! Monday back to training first session on the club swim with Tri-rivington at David Lloyd, swimming with

Julies Journey to Ironwomen I mean Man!

Week 5 I have not had chance to do my self portrait, still in school holidays and juggling a lot of balls, will try again next week! 9 hours total training on a slight taper

Julie’s Journey To Ironwomen, I mean man!

Week 4 What a week Total of 88.9 miles done this week, 71.1 on the bike, 15.3 running and 4374 yards swimming and a strength and conditioning class, total 10 hours 39 minutes training. I've

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