I have been working with Westhoughton High on a little project to help with some artwork for the walls of their new Business Hub!

They had already decided to call the rooms, names, connected with the school and Westhoughton. My brief was to chose 4 subjects out of the 8 names they had chosen and give each room the wow factor!

I love black and white and simplicity so thats were I started, the hub is now finished and open for business and is looking very nice, I have been back today to photograph the building for the website, take a look and see what you think, bespoke wall art!

Framing was provided by framer Anthony Cornwell

For more information about the centre please see Westhoughton High

Thankyou to Booth’s for letting me photograph one of their trumpets for the Wingate’s room!

Julie 07879011603 julielomax@me.com

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