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Commercial Photography Tips to improve your image

Getting the right image across to your clients could be the difference between getting the job or not SIMPLE!

Photography and image is very important in this process.

Here are 10 tips to improving your chances.

1. Every business needs professional photography on their website, leaflets or brochures. Whether it’s selling property, products or services, they all need it. Smaller companies may use stock photographic images which is fine but, you have to ask yourself how many other companies might be using the same pictures and would that make your customers doubt your credibility if the images are not personnel to your business?

2. Make sure you use clean sharp images, sized at the correct size for the medium they will be used on.

3. When choosing backgrounds don’t overlook the importance of this they need to be clean and clear throughout the business brand, your photographer can help with this.

4. When organising a photo shoot, think ahead. Get the photographer to shoot some shots that will see you into the future. You need a stock of images you can use to promote your business for a few months or even the first year before you need to update, the main bulk of your images.

5. Always brief your photographer well and put everything in writing. A face-to-face meeting is always the best option to discuss all possibilities but always make the final agreement on paper to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

6. Don’t attempt to take photos yourself in the short term this may seem like a cheaper alternative but professional photographers, are professional because they know what they are doing and can end up making you money.

7. Cluttered photos are a No No!. Simplicity is the key! If you photograph a product, make sure it is clean and polished. When taking photos of properties, there are several tricks of the trade to make the space more appealing. These include using fresh flowers, accessorising tables with fruit, freshly ironed curtains and tablecloths, books displayed neatly, cakes and nice cushions. You may also want to have some detail images taken too, not only views of whole rooms. Detail shows quality and higher standards.

8. Don’t just show your products against a white background, show them being used, in a lifestyle shoot but make sure again this is thought through beforehand.

9. Your website and images are your ’shop window‘,  so you need to keep them up-to-date and renew them every few weeks to keep your customers interested, events and awards can help keep your blog stay up to date and eye catching, carefully chosen images can help.

10. A cheap photographer is not always the best option and changing your photographer part way through a shoot is not a great idea either. Aim for consistency on your website and with your  photography and in your writing style.
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