Best of Bolton (I am a member) asked me to take part in a talk to help members with their website photography. I jumped at the chance!

I joined forces with Chris Dawes of ScruffyMonkey (web designer) and Paul Cryer of Freeze Frame Productions (video) to present our own business presentations.

I gave out 10 tips to improving your website by looking at your photography.

It went down very well with the members that attended and I really enjoyed the experience!

Thankyou everyone.

Here are the 10 Tips for everyone, I do have a 11 tip, us me!!! 07879011603


1. 1. People or profile shots Make sure the eyes are visible and sharp. Eyes are what people look at when they look at photographs, so a photo where the eyes are hard to see or in shadow is going to be less effective than one with clear visible eyes.
Zoom in on faces. Just like with the eyes, faces are more interesting than the entire body in most cases.

2. BACKGROUND If the background has too much clutter or noise, the photo will be hard to look at. If you can’t get a good background from where you’re standing you should move or have your subjects move. Be aware of more than just clutter. Does the background look messy? Are there other things in the frame taking the focus off your subject?

3. LIGHTING This is a major part of getting your image right for people, objects or buildings. This is were the professional photographer stands out from the novice. Your subject must be well light so always think about, time of day, weather, inside or outside and were you position your subject to the angle the light is coming from.

4. COMPOSITION this is a subject that could also contain 10 or more tips but briefly think about the colours and where you position your subject in the shot, to give most impact for every shot.

5. BRANDING or a theme, keep to one style, this makes the website easier to look at especially with your images, for a simple example, if you use profile pictures of your staff, take them in the same style so they sit together as a set.

6. When shooting images, I am always thinking about what shape the image might work well in and what shape I have available on my website i.e landscape, portrait, square or panoramic. You wouldn’t want to shoot all your images as a landscape and then find out you need portrait!

7. Try and get it right in the camera, I’ve heard people say ‘oh Photoshop can sort that out’ and yes most things it can, but it is very time consuming and without being a professional, very difficult to get right. I try every time to get it right in shot, I can’t move buildings but I can remove rubbish and straighten peoples ties.

8. If you are using images on your website PLEASE don’t forget Model release forms for any portraits you might want to use and if you use someone else’s pictures you must have the correct copyright to use them!

9. If you’re shooting a team picture, make sure they work together, are well composed and sit well in the background you have chosen.

10. Work with your website designer on this, if you have one, but if not, now you have the images you need to make sure they get used properly, with impact.
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