Well my second styled shoot went with flying colours! Although colour wasn’t really the aim of the game, Winter white and a touch of red!

I chose the beautiful Gibbon Bridge as a venue to shoot my winter wedding bridal showcase, a beautiful venue in the preston area (Green Ln, Chipping, Preston PR3 2TQ).

The gamble was the weather but a good photographer can always work with what they get, we got quite a wet and windy day but see what you think! I think we overcame the worst it could throw at us.

I used two models Chelsea Leigh-Edgar who has just won Miss Bury, fabulous model I must say and very beautiful and easy to work with.

I also had Tamara Hindley  an up and coming Model, who bravely modelled as the White witch from Narnia to give some extra spice and colour to my wintery blog!

I also worked with Claire Louise Brides for the dresses, Miranda Templeton Tiara’s, Alex Lee  from Sarah Hair, Deborah Schofield from Ruby Red Lips, flowers were by Victoria at Lancashire Floristry and the Royal Exchange for the white witch costume.

I loved the whole day.

We had some fun and I got to showcase some fabulous images, which have also been featured on Brides Up North!


Thankyou Julia!!!!

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