A good headshot is very important, we have so little time these days and at a glimpse, your profile picture is the first point of call as to wether someone wants to do business with you, to go on a date with you, offer you that job you’ve always been looking for or even just be your friend.

I have attached a selection of different headshots I have done for people and here is a list of things to remember when you come round to having your headshot taken.


  • What to wear? This is very high up on the list of things to consider, you may have to wear a uniform so in that case just make sure it’s clean and ironed, if not make sure what you wear is plain, stripes, hoops, checks, and logo’s can date an image and also make it look to fussy. (tightly checked suits, can cause a problem with moire, so men BEWARE!)
  • If you have branding on your website that you might be using the image on, have a think about what colour’s would and wouldn’t work with that, as well as what would work with your own colouring.
  • Where to have it taken?
  • Do you need a plain white studio headshot, a natural outdoor shot, a head and shoulders or a more full body, do you want a fun image or a serious look?
  • Your photographer can help you out with this and sometimes you may need a selection of images.
  • Don’t forget we’re is it being used, (linkedin profile, website, newletter, press etc) sometimes it matter’s if your looking to the left or right, if you need a landscape, panoramic or portrait shot or again a combination to form a little library of images for different marketing.
  • If you’re a business and  shooting a few staff, you may need to co-ordinate the staff in uniform, suits, colours or completely random depending on the look you are going for. eg, I shot some staff and they all came in very neutral colours apart from one lady who ware red, the colour was perfect for her and had I been doing just her on her own it would have been perfect but as a group of images that had to work together it just wasn’t, so we had to re-shoot her image on the next visit.


Food for thought!

And here are a few different headshots I have done recently!

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