My Ironman weekend

 What a weekend, what an inspiration.

 A day off well spent!

 My daughter Millie did the Ironkids event the day prior to the Ironman, there wasn’t anyone prouder than me seeing her cross the line, I think that moment will stay in all the kids minds and will inspire a few of them to be doing there own full ironman in time!

 The day of the event I had volunteered to help out at the swim, I was wanting to do some arty pictures in between helping out, but the event needed me more this time and I could get some images maybe later. I helped fill boxes, remove stickers, hang banners and best of all helped the athletes through there swim transition, I can say I felt privileged! I managed to help nearly all the athletes I knew in the event and would like to think in my own little way helped them on there Ironman journey.

I managed to See Dan Hawksworth the winner for the secondtime cross the line!

We started at 4am!

 We left after 10pm when the last of our friends completed there Ironman, Well done to you all.

This wasn’t going to be a blog post but I was so inspired I had to do one, you never know if I myself might do my own Ironman in the next couple of years, we will have to just see how the next few triathlon’s go but, It inspired me to never give in, give it what you can and then a little more, with the support of your family and friends and a strong will to get the job done, you can do anything, the world is your oyster!

I plan to remember this for a long time and put it to good use!