Photography for your Business.

As a photographer I work in lots of local business’s throughout the northwest and help out with lots of different photography needs within small and large business’s.

For example I have been into itlab today, they are based in Swinton and book me for a variety of different photography needs.

On this visit I have photographed 3 staff members.

I set up a simple studio in one of their meeting rooms, Using the white wall they have in the office as a backdrop ( I do have my own if required). I provide itlab with 2 landscape and portrait shots of each member of staff.

Portraits can be taken in a variety of ways using paper roll, actual wall, office space or outside, whichever would suit your branding, I can even get legs on if you wish! But thats not technically a head and shoulders!

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On my visit today I also photographed some of the staff about the office at work, these images are good for social media, website’s and newsletters and just give a feel for the workplace.

With itlab I have traveled down to their other office in London to photograph the staff their, both at work and headshots and I am also photographing a conference in London.

These are some of the typical requests I get through from business’s.

I also cover awards ceremonies, press shots or photo-calls, interior and exteriors etc…

One Stop Shop!

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