Week 3

Fed up of getting lost got a plan for my run, gonna do laps and try a 10k! This worked loved it really put it in chased some runners down as well, best run yet but boy was it hot! Fancy spag ball for tea after this one, one of my favourite treats to get some calories back!

Second session spin but not feeling it, I always get a bit of a icky tummy and today is the day, session done but not gonna do a brick run as it could end up being a bit messy, rest of the day to chill!

Plan swim and spin had to persuade hubby to join me He wasn’t up for it at all! Jumped in, water was nice and cool, 10 laps in not feeling great and wanted to stop. Head just won’t work, gonna pack this lot in. Hubby flies by me again, 20 laps in, is ironman for me? No, what if I fail, what will everyone think. 30 laps can’t write a blog gonna fail, 40 laps can’t make 50, grab the bouys, arms sore, hubby flies by again, oh no 10 more, just do a mile that’s ok you’re on holiday! Last 4 this is torture, but I’ve done it, never again, hubby still going 4 more he shouts! Now for spin, fall almost asleep waiting for instructor, 5 minutes late starting this is not going well and I’m not even on the bike yet! He tells us it’s an extreme session, oh no I say in my head, I go get a gel seat, Shaun says that’s not allowed, so what if it makes me feel better, 10 minutes in OK only 20 to go take a look at Shaun he’s actually swimming on the bike, I’m obviously not working hard enough! I get my heart rate up and hold it, thank god for that, not every session can be great! It’s in the bag though! To top it off the instructor asks Shaun if he’s a pro! I can’t believe he got his head through the door! Good session lomax!

So after my poor performance yesterday giving myself a day off Sunday!

Week 3, Lagos training consisted of 2 runs, 4 spins, 2 core training, 2 swims and 1 day running round the aqua park! I think that definitely counts as 1 session! happy with that and half looking forward to a milder temperature next week, that’s till I get there and want to come straight back!


Oh forgot to mention read two great books the world of cycling according to g (Geraint Thomas) and The Secrer Race, great holiday read!image image image