Week 4


Well Monday, last day of Lagos training and a split run session on the cards! Up early to do my first session and wow is it hot! Hottest day yet and not a drop of wind, I have chosen my lighthouse run and normally on the lap back the wind blows away the sweat that as drowned me on the way out, but not today and hardly anyone else running, they’re not stupid like me! (4.1mile)

Second session and last one in Lagos, a run down to the harbour, what a beautiful and weird sunset, never seen the sun that orange and red ever, fancy not having my camera with me! Youngsters were doing summersaults into the harbour and all in all a lovely way to end my stay in Lagos, till next year maybe! (3.1mile)

Food info: after my split session I wasn’t good company till I eaten, I call it angry hungry, but guess what I had! Yes thats right a big plate of Spag Ball!

Tuesday was travel day (home that is) but I’m desperate to get back on the bike so gonna add an extra bike session, Oh Betsy have I missed you, thats the black and pink Trek I bought last August, my only real concern with my bike was that it had pink on it, Shaun dealt with the technology bit! I absolutely love her! Me shaun and shaun tackled Sheephouse, Foxhall’s and Matchmoor, tuff little hilly ride for me and a great start to my cold weather training!

First day of work boo, although you know what,  I was looking forward to getting stuck in! Diary needed to be sorted, couple of phone call’s, meeting at 11, 1-5 youth photography project and 5.30 wedding meeting, full on first day and then an hour run, I made it but after the run I will never complain about heat again, wet, cold and windy is all I can say! Egg and Nut salad and then bed for this one!


Feeling very nervous the two Shaun’s want me to join them on there winter hill session, 1 hour of up and down oh no!

Decided I was too nervous to start with them so set off early, as I set off I see a lovely white and brown rabbit being chased in the street by a cat, I couldn’t just cycle off, cleats off and Shaun shouted to help me out, rabbit rescued and delivered to the neighbour, now for hill reps, found them tuff but after my initial fear ok, 9 in total well chuffed but well tired!

Friday was swim day, I decided to join in ray’s session as didn’t fancy a open water swim, was a good session and after not seeing people for a couple of weeks a little catchup, especially with Nick Howarth who I was chasing for an hour in the pool!

Last couple of sessions for this week long bike and brick run, didn’t look great weather but at least it wasn’t raining! I spoke too soon ,oh no! Nearly 4 hours on the bike with Shaun, who is helping me with the bike training, wet, windy and hilly, over to blackburn, wasn’t to bad a route plotted by shaun the night before, till we finished on sheephouse lane! My watch tells me thats the most amount of climbing so far in a long ride so chuffed with that and completed a 20 minute brick run, done!

Shaun’s Lagos last night sunset shot!

lagos sunset