Week 1.

Well I signed up on Monday after visiting the toilet a few times for my first Ironman (Ironman UK 2017), first person in the queue at the macron stadium! I gave the wrong address and wrong email I was so nervous, only been trying for 4 years to be brave and positive enough to try it, but the swimming just wasn’t up to it before now, thanks to Tri Rivington and Ray McGloin my swimming and confidence as improved enough to think it may just be possible!

There is now quite a few of my friends doing the event as well, so I will have plenty of training partner’s to keep me going for the next 12 month journey, although I do plan on doing quite a bit on my own as well!

First week of training and first 12.5 hours done! Ticked off and in the bag!

I’ve had good company and some good fun, a 22 day challenge was started by Ray on my Wednesdays bike ride to help spread the word about Veteran suicide’s we had to video it twice due to us being such technophobes, quite a laugh all the people in the cafe thought we were crackers!

The weather as been good to me except for a little thunderstorm on Wednesday’s ride but we found shelter! Can’t say Cherry had the same luck with a double puncture and a buckled wheel, but a new bike was swiftly bought!

Group Tri- Rivington Tri session on Saturday from David Lloyd was very tuff, 1 hour turbo, 1 hour run with hill session and 500 metre swim, but got my heart rate up to an all time high of 181!

Sundays ride bought a little bump for my good friend Hannah, meaning her bike couldn’t be ridden and she needed a lift home after just 2 miles, was gutted! bikes aren’t as straight forward as running and you do need to be super aware of everything, but as you can see from the big panoramic group shot there was so many on the ride biggest group yet, we covered 45 miles and eat huge cakes, we did get wet but warm wet so it doesn’t count!

Next week I can safely say the weather will be on my side as we go back to Lagos in Portugal, happy training everyone.


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