Week 7

Well after Saturday, I am feeling good, Sunday was my day off after Sundowner which I enjoyed!

Monday back to training first session on the club swim with Tri-rivington at David Lloyd, swimming with a group defiantly keeps you on your toes and I enjoyed the class, 1947 yards swam about 1.2 miles with drills and a speed set and a lovely protein shake to finish.

Tuesday I did a threshold watt bike session with Ray to help me train more effectively with my new watt pedals, oh my gosh this was tuff, I couldn’t have kept 20 minutes up at that pace on my own, I am most defiantly not looking forward to doing one of them again! But I now have my sweet spot, the number I am looking for when I do my hour turbo session or the effort level! and another protein shake, these are to try and help with injury prevention and they taste good as well!

Wednesday early morning (6am) swim again with tri rivi and again a tuff session and again another protein shake!

I am finishing Wednesday’s from now on with a strength and conditioning class run by Micheal Hallas, this is also to try and stay strong and prevent injury!

Thursday brought some lovely weather so I scrapped  my turbo and took the afternoon off to enjoy the weather with the other half, lovely ride around Rivington with a stop at Fredricks, in Adlington for a teacake and a coffee, Followed by a brick run to check out the calf which was not to bad!

I finished the weeks training with a 3 hour tri training morning with ray and gang on Saturday and a long bike on Sunday which I really enjoyed again, the weather really does make all the difference, not looking forward to the winter!