Week 9

Well you live and learn!

Monday felt great jumped in the pool to do the session and by halfway through was struggling, I needed water which I had forgotten but I felt it was getting harder and harder, I was quite pleased by the finish that I managed to stick it out, cramp in both feet and just feeling a little tired.

Tuesday was a group running session, I felt great at the start and again managed to finish the session but it was a struggle, right leg played me up but just didn’t have much energy, think I need a day off!

Wednesday Early swim really enjoyed the session, thank goodness was wondering what was going on, kept up and finished feeling really good, also got chance to stay afterwards for a coffee with some of the group, Bonus!

Strength and conditioning also felt good if not a little tired, right leg needed a real good stretch and thats what it got!

Thursday Oh no feel terrible, back to bed, went between bed and coach all day, no training.

Friday Same again, boring.

Saturday got a bit more energy but not training, shaun is treating me to dinner in Manchester!

Sunday Attempted The Bolton Bash, little bit to optimistic, had to turn round at mile 8 before I was either sick or fainted, limped home, not a great week of training and very down!