Week 9

Well after my disaster at the Bolton Bash Cycle Sportif I am having a break Monday and Tuesday I got up and decided I still didn’t feel great, so Tuesday was a day of rest as well!

Wednesday I was going to go back to the plan, but really didn’t think it would be a good idea to get up at 5am to join the group swim, so I went a little later on my own. I managed 50 lengths, which felt ok,  I also attended my strength and conditioning class which was also flet ok.

So far this week I feel like all I have done is eat and sleep, well thats what it feels like anyway, but that will hopefully get me back into full training again!

I wake up Thursday feeling refreshed, so even though Ray had advised me to cycle I wanted to run and was missing the group training, so I jumped on the David lloyd running group. I felt great for the first 3.5 miles then not so great, I didn’t have to hobble home, but my right leg didn’t feel good!

Friday I got up and couldn’t get back upstairs oh no, another day off!!!!

Saturday I was desperate to get some good training done, but was working till late afternoon, by the time I had finished I had already decided to try and see how I was on the bike, I booked a massage for Monday and Shaun joined me for a little spin. Yes at last 30 miles in the bag and felt ok, didn’t feel the leg injury on the bike!

Sunday was a long ride but as I was out Saturday night I was going to play it by hear! Well my dog Jack wasn’t going to let me have a lie in, 2pm in Bed and 5pm woke up by him for a wee, thats it I was wide awake, so I joined ray’s group session, I did feel a little tired by the end of the ride but I was tired!