Week 12

Well what can I say this training lark isn’t that easy, I never thought it would be!

It’s the emotion’s that go with it, that are harder to deal with and anybody that knows me, knows I’m not emotional at all!

I’ve been struggling for the last 3 weeks, trying to train with what I thought was a leg injury. Well folks its not my leg, I think I’ve narrowed it down to my back!

I’ve been trying to concentrate and change my cycling position and the way I cycle, ( basically not arching my back to much, not hunching my shoulders because of the cold and pulling up more in my legs to make a smoother ride) I’ve kept the running to a minimum, and I mean a minimum, after a quite a painful but enjoyable night trail run.

I’ve also been trying to concentrate on how I am swimming, as after swimming I always seem to have a pain in my right shoulder!

I’ve been sticking to my omega 3 and vitamin D religiously and having a protein hit after every training session. I’ve also managed to put on a couple of Ibs and feel better for it!

I’ve been trying to get more sleep as well, I really need 8 hours minimal, especially with the extra training, I’m like a cat at the minute with my afternoon naps!

Last week I added two core stability sessions to my training and intend to try and do at least 1 every week all through my training.

Last week I managed 118 miles on the bike, on the road, weather has been good for cycling and I wanted to take advantage of it, I’ve found the most amazing way to keep my feet warm, pads that stay warm and stick to the bottom of your feet, bought from decathlon, the week before I cried my way through my shower after a very wet and cold Sunday bike ride, because of the pain in my feet and its only October!

Well I think thats quite a lot to bore you with for now, sorry to miss a couple of weeks blogging, was in a real turmoil as to wether I was letting me or anyone else down, but you know what, even if I don’t finish this Ironman, I’m going to give it my best shot! Especially since I’ve also decided to raise funds for BYPHS! a local charity thats helps homeless people in Bolton aged 16-25.

Heres a few Pictures of my training and an image I took to remind me of the end of my rides home! Beautiful Bolton!

Bolton Beauties_0001

Ironman blog_0001-1 Ironman blog_0002