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Week 15

Well 2 weeks have passed by and I’m two weeks fitter! I hope.

Excuse the images, my first self portrait’s, took me ages to decide which ones, I’m so vain! Done today in my studio/office, I tell you what it also gave me a taste of how my models feel, its so scary!


I’ve been having trouble with my left shoulder when I’ve been swimming, so Ray McGloin (coach) , kindly offered to video me, I would like to share it but it doesn’t seem to want to share, sorry folks.  Well, it revealed a lot, especially why my shoulder was sore.

I am technically calling it the windmill stroke! So my arms looked like a windmill under the water, hence the sore shoulder (they should bend and have the elbow high, were mine were just going straight in, down deep and round, ouch!)

So I am trying to correct my stroke by swimming 20-30 minutes on my own a few times a week, I seem to be getting there as my triceps have been quite achy and thats the spot I need to hit to improve the stroke and my shoulder is feeling a little better!

I’ve also managed two, two mile runs! without too much pain, so gonna keep with the Osteo and short runs off the bike for now, as well as a look at my running technique!

I did a Functional Threshold Turbo session 6 weeks ago and I did my second one this week to check on my progress, dispite the injury I still improved, which is always a plus!

The FTT test is a warm up,  20 minutes test and warm down, the idea being the 20 minutes is all out, very tough, I did this on a Watt bike in the gym.

I have been getting out on the bike, mainly with my ever suffering husband Shaun and my club Tri Rivington. I did manage a super cold ride last Saturday with my friend Donna Cooper, who by the way is amazing on a bike and is also signed up for Ironman and Shaun, she took us on a route through Ramsbottom, Haslingdon, Edgworth and Tockholes just to name a few towns and I have to say it was fab!

Yesterday our friend Mike Fee joined me and Shaun on another new route round Rochdale near the windmills, it again was a great ride, despite a broken Garmin, almost lost coffee money and a flat, eventful I think you call it!

I’m going on about the bike I know but at the minute I’m just loving it, I also did a cheeky off plan ride with Shaun and Shaun O’Dwyer on Saturday, I was on day off but just needed a quick spin, sheep house before dark, chasing them two up sheep house lane gave me 17 trophies on Strava and a new power record!

Well lets hope the weather holds a little longer!