Week ? not really sure!

Its been a big gap since I last posted, Christmas and New Year have flown by!

We lost our best buddy just after New Year, my little jack was almost 18 years old, we’ve all been a bit down, he’s been unwell, well up and down for a while now, I am missing him so much, LOVE MY DOG!!!!


Probable one of the last shots I took of him when capturing this portrait of my beautiful Millie in my studio, she always had to have just one with Jack!


Bike training is going really well, keeping up some gym work to try and help me stay strong and keep injury free.  I struggle a little bit with pain in my left buttock after a ride so need to keep an eye on that, bought a massager which helps, the swimming also helps!  The miles are coming on ok! Sunday rides are now up to 62miles! never thought I would say that!

I’ve added using the rollers to my many talents! Only joking been on them twice, first time I did eventually manage to stay upright without holding the doorframe for support and second time managed a session slow but steady! Actually I like them you have to concentrate so much on what your doing the time flies by and the music helps! I’m hoping this will help with my core strength.

I’ve managed to avoid the cold and tummy bug up to date, but I don’t know how as both kids and my daughters boyfriend George have been spluttering all over Christmas and New Year! Megan as even had the dreaded tummy bug, but I gave her a wide birth!

I’m keeping up with the Vitamin D and omega 3 everyday, I tried the greens supplement but I struggled with the taste, thank you Ray for letting me have a taste, I’m terrible, I eat with my eyes and just couldn’t stomach it, so my Shaun is helping with the greens in a cooking way, he is a great chef I am so lucky! (in our house spinach goes with everything)

Swimming is going well, 2 sessions a week just under 3k most swims and loads of drill’s, I attend Ray’s sessions they are just fab and make you do the drills properly, which are helping me improve, Shaun as even joined me on a Monday night, not that he needs it wish I could swim like him!

Running, well here is the hiccup in my plans, I have had to just stop, I have been having trouble for 18month’ish, It was just too painful, I decided to have a week rest with the running after Christmas and I realized just how sore my right leg was, so I haven’t run since! Google says! (haha!) stress fracture or shin splints, I know its not right so I’m not running for 6 weeks, I’m just over 4 weeks in and the leg feels much better!

I am seeing a consultant early March, It takes so long to see someone, so by then I may be back running, but I’m gonna keep my appointment just in case as soon as I put my feet back on the ground it all starts again!

I’ve decided to carry on and do ironman even if I can’t run, but it’s going to be a long walk, so I’d  better get that biking perfected to make sure I get over the finish line! I know there is plenty of time and I hope to be able to run walk it, but my head needs to know the plan, so this is the plan!

The journey so far as taught me so much, I’m glad I jumped aboard, seeing all my friends improve so much through their training is fantastic, Alan and Andy (tri-rivington members) who were really struggling with their swimming seem to have cracked it this week! Sue who keeps telling me she needs to get better on the bike is just doing great on the bike, but she needs to clean it! (only joking Sue) Sorry to pick out a couple of names they are all coming on brilliantly!

Well I’m off out to photograph my next Victim! Till next time x

P.S. If you listen to Bolton FM tonight (Thursday 26th of January) Ray as arranged a interview with a couple of us above our journey so far and he asked me to join them and my daughter Millie is coming!