Ironman Blog_0001Week 8

Well to be honest a similar week of training to last week, my swim sessions felt good, as this week everyone knew were they were swimming and an idea of what was going on, the times were a bit quicker for me this week to.

I saw Maria Lowe Wednesday about my calf, followed her guidelines and have been doing lots of strength work and hay-presto the leg feels much better, fingers crossed!

My running session on Tuesday was nearly quite eventful, I was stood outside David Lloyd waiting for the troops watching the most amazing light show ever, wishing I had left my camera in the car and thinking what are the chances of this lighting hitting me, but Ray had other plans a gym run, bike session was to take its place, in the comfort of David Lloyd, thank goodness!

I did a cycle Thursday afternoon with Ray, the weather was just beautiful and I admitted to him I had started to enjoy the hill’s, not sure if this was a mistake as off to Anglezarke we went, well I’ve only done this hill a handful of times and to my shock and pleasure it wasn’t to bad! Except coming down that is.

I decided to do a little brick run after my bike with Ray and this persuaded me to enter Micheal’s club Duathlon on the Saturday morning at Rivington.

The event was a 5k run, 17 mile bike and 5k run, I thoroughly enjoy it, again fab weather and a really simple format and course and the leg felt good, I even managed a 2nd place female.

Last session of the week was Sunday long bike, (Shaun Lomax at the helm for the first time good job done) great weather, great company and a happy 50 miles.

Week done!