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Week 6

Taper week for sundowner half Ironman.

No running as calf is quite sore, but will hopefully be ok for Saturday!

Bank Holiday Monday and a short bike is on the plan as the weather is good and shaun is feeling a little better. 23 miles in total, no bad drivers and an easy pace, shaun isn’t 100% but at least he got out and did something, ended on the A6 again still into that headwind! Plan to meet my family, enjoy the last of the food and drinks festival and have a couple of drinks!

Taper swim today with my little millie, she did about 6 lengths with me and then just kept chatting, my watch was on stop more than it was on start, I enjoyed it but, best not do it all the time!

Decided to do my bike set today on the turbo as I am quite busy with work, had a bit of a meltdown above fitting everything in, but I think I always feel like this near the end of the summer holidays, I love having Millie off, but its so hard fitting everything in! I actually made a good decision as the weather wasn’t great to, after my mini melt down and not much sleep, my day went really smoothly, thank goodness, how many times over the 52 weeks will I want to pack in doing the Ironman, I think I should start counting!

Thursday and my taper try out the calf run was not good, calf isn’t right, only managed just under 2 miles, up and down hill very sore, felt better on the grass but not sure how much grass I will come across on Saturday, oh well, I’ll start and see what happens!

Saturday Dee Day, had a good sleep everything packed and off to York! The race is called sundowner (finish at sundown) as its a late start 12.02 so we can set off at a reasonable time.

4 laps of the lake 1.2mile

2 laps for the bike 56 mile

and a half marathon 13.1miles, 3 laps!

The swim went really well good start and a decent time, 41.02 the weather was awful but this doesn’t affect the swim much, the bike was a different story, rain, rain and more rain, then 10 mile in, a puncture, I tried to fix it but the valve on my spare was to short race over!

I was stood around waiting 40 minutes for a van to come and pick me up and just before the van came a competitor who I later learned was called Steven Wynne, pulled over and quickly fixed my puncture with a gas refill, What a star! (not many like him about!) But I now had to start again frozen to the bone, I tell you this took some will power as my race was over and even though I cried after 40 minutes you kind of resign yourself to getting warm and having a brew!

Oh well thanks to Steven I managed to finish my bike, the tyre wasn’t great by mile 30 but it got me round, then just a little matter of the run, my calf felt good to start with then by lap 2 oh no it hurt, but I wasn’t giving up now, lap 3 it didn’t get any worse and I managed to finish!

Most of my team mates hung around in the rain to cheer me on, (My husband was soaked to the bone a true Gent!) they are superstars, last man in and everybody round good day me thinks!

Sunday was a day of REST!

Link for Sundowner Triathlon if anyone is interested