Week 2

Ok week two started really well swim session with Ray, it’s so much easier to do the sessions with someone with swimming I find I just go into boring 1 lap 2 lap but with a partner you feel you have to push on, great hour session which helped me get a good sleep for Portugal, hubby is a great chef and he didn’t disappoint my favourite tea Spanish potatoes!

I’m having a day off for traveling but I’m armed with a plan for my few weeks in the sun so I don’t fall off the wagon!

First session in the sun is my fave a 50 minute run, well I am entertaining if nothing else in 50 minutes I have managed to get lost 3 times, they don’t know what a crossing is in Portugal so nearly flattened but that only happened once! learned my lesson quickly and attacked by the cutest tiny pooch ever, hope the women didn’t speak English as there was quite a few beeps!!!

I’ve no bike as we have Millie so two week of spinning in the gym! It boiling here so every session is like having a shower in public but I think that’s good right!

First swim session and 1.5 miles done with the hubby only second time I have swam this far so proud of that and felt OK, Shaun always does 100 lengths and doesn’t see what all the fuss is about!

Well that’s week two done 2 spins,2 runs and 5 swims,lots of nice food and drink and plenty of sun! I love it, who says its hardwork?
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