Week 5

I have not had chance to do my self portrait, still in school holidays and juggling a lot of balls, will try again next week!

9 hours total training on a slight taper for Sundowner half Ironman on September 3rd in York.

I had worked really hard last week and was feeling it a bit this week, so was so glad of my day off on Monday.

Tuesday I joined Ray and Tri Rivington to do a run session, this was 1 mile effort’s at full pace, 4 sets, with a warm up and down. I wasn’t going to go full out as my calf was hurting a little from Saturdays running session. It was good to train with everybody, but it was a little painful,  the calf didn’t feel great, I finished the session and decided to get a sports massage, I see two Physio’s Maria Lowe and Warren Garner, I booked in with Warren thankfully for Thursday morning.

Wednesday I did a swimming session so I didn’t put any undue pressure on the right leg, good long session that I enjoyed, just under 2 miles!

Thursday as I wanted to cycle, I decided to cycle to warren’s, as after the massage might not of been advisable. I plotted a ride in my head and set off early doors. The ride ended up being 30 miles and as not to be late for my sports massage, I had to put for foot down for the last few miles, which were on the A6, which wasn’t good as no matter were you are on that road you are riding into a head wind!

Oh no pulled my calf, that massage was a little painful, but no pain no gain and at least I now know I wasn’t being a softie! Got some stretches and advise to take it easy on the running, on the run up to sundowner!

5 mile cycle home after physio which was a bit eventful, typical white van driver was being a bully on Manchester Road, I was in the cycle lane and he insisted that I wasn’t, the cycle lane was in the middle of the road he was going left me right, he nearly knocked me right off, shouting loads of abuse at me and everything, you sometimes take your life in your hands on a bike these days!

I’ve got a busy weekend of photography and festivals which I love doing so going to have to be very productive with my time, working friday 11-8.30 at the food and drinks so going to swim early doors! Open water swim is in my diary as I’ve not done one for a while and need to get back in before sundowner. I’ve chosen a new venue! I am really nervous still after 4 years of swimming in open water and if I can get away with a pool swim I will, but after getting in I really did enjoy the session, thankyou Ray and company for seeing me round! 1.3 miles done and a great day of work to do!

Saturday was my last long cycle before sundowner, I am working tomorrow so cant join the group, but Shaun was joining me for the 50 mile effort.

Oh no woke up Saturday morning to a poorly Shaun, that’s 50 quiet miles on my own, but at least the sun was shining! My inbuilt sat nav did good 51 miles in total not a bad guess, but please don’t look at my ride on strava, negotiating Chorley was a little tuff, the Blackpool sign was a little scary but I got there. (Shaun started feeling better on Sunday)

Sunday, day off from training as I am working at the Canal Festival at Botany Bay, what a week! Hope my calf holds up next week and looking forward to a lovely taper week!