Week 4

What a week Total of 88.9 miles done this week, 71.1 on the bike, 15.3 running and 4374 yards swimming and a strength and conditioning class, total 10 hours 39 minutes training.

I’ve ran (and been filmed by Chris) my fastest ever mile at 6.34 minutes (pushed on by Claire Smith superb runner and Micheal Hallas, coach) , got my VO2 max to a new high, my fastest heart rate has gone up to 183 and I have a queen of the mountains on strava and I am now shattered!

I found Sunday were I did a 3 hour bike and a brick run very tuff, as I was really tired from the threshold bike and run I did on the Saturday, when I got up on the Sunday I thought I couldn’t do it and felt very angry for the first hour on the bike, but as the ride went on I felt better and the scone jam and cream I had at the Velo cafe in Croston helped me tremendously.

It’s only week 4 and I have a long way to go and this is gonna be tuff, but after I hopefully complete my first half distance ironman on the 3rd of September, in York, with my friends Donna, Hannah, Adrianne, Stewart, Tony, Gill, Ray and prob lots others I have forgot to mention sorry! I’m sure I will feel a lot more confident about doing the ironman distance.

Please don’t read this section Ray!

By the way Joanne Ramsden, I’ve had a kentucky, a macdonald, an asda’s pizza, cheesecake, apple pie, red wine and subway, this is very unusual for me but its the summer holidays and Millie is a very bad influence, I will be back on the good stuff next week with only a few treats!