This is  quite a personal blog but one I wanted to write and will keep you updated on as time goes on.

My Husband Shaun Lomax started to change his training last year from just running to triathlon, he did two triathlon’s  one at Southport which me and the kids watched and I took pictures and one in Ulverston, which I also competed in.

Shaun as now decided  (I new this was coming because his good friend Tex as done it for the last two years) to try his hand at Ironman!

We watched Tex complete his second Ironman, we were there from the start to finish and had a lovely day, after the event Shaun was really quiet for two days, thats means he thinking! He turned round to me and said Ive got something to ask you, he didn’t even need to tell me I knew, so Ironman Bolton was entered!

Our lives have already changed quite a bit, I’m getting fitter although I’m not doing Ironman, I have signed up for a Tri but really I just want to support my Ironman.

We do have another update, his training as started really well, but an injury this Sunday has messed up his training a little. He came out with me and my running partner Cherrie, my other partner has hurt her ankle, but Cathrine will be back soon we hope!

He went over on his ankle within the first mile. It unfortunately looks like ligament damage, but in less than a week after not being able to walk or work for two days, he’s back on his training, having swam twice (may I add with an inner tube wrapped round his legs so he didn’t hurt his ankle!) and today his first Turbo bike set, so I think its only the running he will have to catch up on!

I must mention Maria Lowe our Physio, he’s going Thursday to get the ankle sorted and I know with her help he will get there!

I’m so proud of him for trying to complete this awesome feet! Ironman swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles and run a marathon! Is not for the faint hearted!


Shaun in swim with our friend Lawrence, who is also doing his first Ironman at Bolton, nutter’s together! He will also be joined again by Tex Leece on his 3rd Ironman Bolton, he’s also doing Ironman Nice 6 weeks before Ironman Bolton double nutter,



The Southport Triathlon was shauns 1st open water swim and to say it was dirty was an understament!


The Bike I think is his favourite and Southport was a perfect way to start a lovely flat front made for a decent and enjoyable ride for him!


The run should be a breeze, he’s been running with  Bolton Harriers for 4 years now, although Shaun as never ran a marathon! Trust him to choose to run his first one after a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike ride!


I’ll keep you posted on his training, thanks for reading Julie!

Anyone doing Ironman Bolton, hope you enjoy your training, keep injury free and I’ll see you on the day especially Dave Rannard, Vanessa Brooks and Eric Brooks!

Oh one last thing Shaun as decided to do this event for Charity, he’s never really done one for charity before, but its such a big event I talked him into it, if you did want to sponsor him please click on the link, he is raising money for Children Today