Pigs Inn Heaven

Please read the following paragraph taken from the Pigs Inn Heaven website!!!!!!!

Is the any such thing as a micro or teacup pig?

Simple answer: NO, there isn’t!

Recently there has been much publicity about pigs being bred down in size as pets, and many horror stories of pigs being sold to live in totally unsuitable accommodation such as small estate houses and flats, growing too large for their homes and creating absolute mayhem.

To put the story straight, pigs can make wonderful companions, they are basically clean creatures, as long as they have the right facilities, are highly intelligent, and will live happily with humans. However they are gregarious creatures who should never be deprived of friends of their own species, if so deprived and kept in small indoor quarters they can become bored, destructive and even aggressive. Not an ideal house guest. Whether or not it is right for humans to interfere with nature and breed any animal to change in size or appearance, it does take many years to bring about these changes. The so called micro or tea pot pigs have not been through this necessary period and are therefore reverting to type and growing much larger than their owners expect.

This micro pig myth needs to be fully exposed and although there has been some media coverage no one seems to be interested in presenting the full facts. PIG-INN HEAVEN would be interested in talking to anyone who has bought a micro pig that has remained micro.

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Here are some of the beautiful pigs they are looking after at the moment!

Loved my few hours at Pigs Inn Heaven what a brilliant job they are doing at looking after all the characters they have there, such as Daisy and Duchess, yes they all have a name and a crazy character to go with it!

Love Animals, I’m sure this won’t be the last time these beautiful animals will grace my blog!!!!!!!!!

Pigs_0052They just love there tummies being scratched!

Pigs_0053Pigs_0054Bagel anyone, sit!!!!!!Pigs_0055Pigs_0056Pigs_0058Here are the 14 which will be getting their names from local school kids, oh my josh was it fun trying to get a shot of these guys all as  individual shots! I lot of blood and sweat and fun was had by all!Pigs_0059Pigs_0060Pigs_0061Pigs_0062