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I’m looking for more nominations for my up and coming Exhibition which I am calling FACES OF BOLTON. If you know anybody that is famous and is from Bolton, either for being famous, being a character or a lifelong charity worker for example or just a good egg, you can help me please by nominating them, they must know they have been nominated and must be willing to be photographed in order to appear in my exhibition which I am wanting to hold in March of 2015, if  you can e-mail your nominations to julielomax@me.com. I will need there contact details so I can get in touch with them to arrange a meeting and photo shoot!

I Would LOVE some famous faces as well as hidden gems!

You could also help me on another count, I am in the process of trying to find an exhibition place for my exhibition, if you can offer me any help with this I would be very interested or any help with  SPONSORSHIP