BYPHS now BACKUP Northwest headshot project 2018!


I have worked with Maura quite a few times now on different projects for the charity she heads up and we have done some great projects. This is was definitely a great project and one I absolutely loved shooting.

The idea was to do some photography to help with the complete name and re-brand change for the company from BYPHS to Backup Northwest!

We had a meeting to come up with some idea’s. I had an idea to work on headshots and the company colours, we worked through the logistics of this and how it could work, who to photograph and were to do it. I sourced the paper rolls and we decided on keeping the black theme with the clothing running through all the images to avoid any clashes with the paper and to help keep the theme simple and uncluttered running through the headshots with the company colour jumping out the screen at you. We decided to shoot a straight forward head shot of each model and a personality shot, in the personality shot they are all holding an object personal to themselves.

It took quite a few sessions in my studio to get all the heads photographed but I loved every minute, I also think my victims! I mean models enjoyed it to, as I tried to keep it as relaxed as I could.

The studio had stickers on it for weeks so I could make sure the lighting and position of each model was the same, I kept the lighting pretty simple so we could just concentrate on the pattern and colour of the whole project.

I’m very pleased with the results!

Project Backup!!!!

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Need help with a project?


Need help with a project?