Property Photography by a Professional Photographer, can take the heartache out of selling a home!


Are you selling your home?

Do you want it to look its best?

Here are some top tips to making the most of your home, for when the PHOTOGRAPHER comes round to get some great shots!

First impressions Count!



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The first thing a buyer will see is the front of your house, make sure the paint isn’t flaky, the front door is shiny and the furniture and planters are nice and well presented. Fix any broken handles, hinges or flagstones.

Get rid of the Clutter!

Even if its only for the day of the photography and viewing, you need to de-clutter to make the property look its best. We all love children but not particularly toys so move them from eye sight, books, magazines, ornaments, picture frames etc…

Fix and clean, make sure you give everything a really good clean and dust and fix all them little bits you have been meaning to for years!

After cleaning the house thoroughly, only keep out decorative items. Simplicity is the key to a beautiful home.

The kitchen and bathroom are key rooms for getting right, shift appliances, only keep key things out, co-ordinated towels, a bit of Jo Malone would help.

Lighting, The MOST important bit, make sure you have all the bulbs working and plenty of candles for effect and photographs!
The garden needs to be tidy, put the rubbish down the tip and toys in the shed.
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Best of Luck!
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