Been busy with life, work, getting back to normal, working with my new camera etc…. Been a naughty girl and not posted on my website for ages!

Bought a new kit its great.

Gone from Canon to Sony!  Its been a bit challenging as I’ve been a canon girl for many years, I do miss just knowing exactly were everything I need is on the camera, but I’m getting to grips with the new places slowly! But I do love the focusing and weight of the Sony camera and my lovely new 85mm G lens which are the main 3 reasons why I moved over, so its a win win win thank goodness!

I think I should share with you some of the images I have taken with my new camera. They are posted below and are just a flavour of some of my recent work.

I’ve been working back with lots of regular clients like Bolton Council, Cancer Research, Bolton College, local Schools, Backup, Russell and Russell just to name a few and lots of lovely new clients!

The project for backup as been superb, I have been working on their annual calendar with a theme of singers. Its the best one yet,

I have included two of the shots from the calendar within the images I have posted on the blog.

The images for the calendar are Cher and the Beatles. The Beatle’s one as been used for the front cover has the models are all Backup residents and Cher is the lovely Emma Neville, wife of Gary Neville, these images also show off some of my skills acquired during lockdown on the Photoshop front!

I have also tried to give a flavour of the kind of work I do which you can see is very different on a day to day basis. As a local press photographer in my early career, I had to adapt to so many situations on the spot, I believe this is why I am a very good all round photographer, for me taking pictures is just about reading the light, if you can do this you can adapt your skills to all situations.

Pictures taken on location natural light, on location with flash and studio light. Also sone headshots are taken on location or in my office.

I have quite a few jobs I cant include due to embargo, such as insurance images for court, school photography and some photo-call press stuff!