I don't normally get to a accident that quickly, well to be honest I don't do this type of work anymore that was in my staff days as a press photographer, but today was different

Students put on a spectacular performance!

I've just had the pleasure of photographing the work based collection at Bolton College. The hairdressers who are all based around Bolton but study also at Bolton College put on an amazing array of different

Bolton College Freshers Fayre

The freshers fayre makes me feel like its a new year in my life as well, out with the old and in with the new and all that kind of thing! I think it was

Its lovely to see your work in print!!!

Ive been working with Bolton College on there new brochure for 2013, here are some of the results. If you've got any similar projects while not give me a call, this type of thing is

Judge Julie!

Bolton College Photographic Competition  I was asked and felt very privilege to help the principle of Bolton college Marie Gilluley and Photographic Lecturer Ian Littlewood to judge the colleges photographic compettion. We had our hands full,

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