Here is a round up from some of my favourite Wedding images from 2013!

I had a lovely year and some beautiful weddings, 2014 is looking like being just as good!

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Happy New Year everyone!!!!
Marquee Wedding_0170Marquee Wedding_0171Marquee Wedding_0172Merehall_0163Merehall_0164Merehall_0165The Old English Kiosk_0166The Old English Kiosk_0167The Old English Kiosk_0168The Old English Kiosk_0169The Last Drop Hotel_0180The Last Drop Hotel_0181The Last Drop Hotel_0182The Whites Hotel, Reebok Stadium_0176The Whites Hotel, Reebok Stadium_0177The Whites Hotel, Reebok Stadium_0178The Whites Hotel, Reebok Stadium_0179Stoneleigh Abbey_0186Stoneleigh Abbey_0187Stoneleigh Abbey_0188The Bolholt Hotel_0191The Bolholt Hotel_0192The Bolholt Hotel_0193The Holiday Inn_0195The Holiday Inn_0196