School photography

I have just completed the photography for Local Secondary School Westhoughton High School.

We had a full day to capture a variety of images from science, assembly, corridor’s outside space, faces, faces and more faces!

I photographed the head, 3 teachers who have taught at the school for over 30 years, PE, sewing, squash, art, maths, drama, breaks and so much more.

The images taken on the day will be used within the schools website, newsletters, school’s walls and for marketing purposes.

We had a great day setting up some of the images and then just being a fly on the wall and capturing things as they unfolded for others.

All the images were taken within a working school day and did’nt take up to much time from any individual’s.

In today’s image lead world it’s important to have up to date imagery to show off any business, charity, event or school!

Take at look!

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Professional Photographer with Full CRB certificate


I photograph Primary, Secondary, Colleges and Universities on a regular basis and they all bring about different challenges, they are always a full on day of shooting and as the day unfolds it always surprises the amount and variety we capture within every shoot. It always works better with a plan of the day, plus backup’s, permission’s done in advance were ever possible and lots of variety in area’s around the building and outside and lots of fun!



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