If your holding an exhibition or event why should you book a professional photographer?

  1. Good quality images to share from your event after the event on Facebook twitter or for any social media platform.
  2. Images to keep your website, newsletters and flyers up to date.
  3. Pictures you can send to local, national and business press, that can highlight your event or exhibition.
  4. Library stock images for your business library.
  5. Images you can use to help promote your event the year after and attract more business.

How should you get the most from your photographer?

  1. Make sure you give them as much of the right information about your event that you can.
  2. Correct address, postcode and telephone number of the venue.
  3. Name of the event
  4. Contact and telephone number of a person present on the day
  5. Parking facilitates available.
  6. An itinerary for the event. (map if required)
  7. Any special images that need capturing on the day
  8. Names of important people you may want images of on the day e.g. chairman, MD.
  9. What you are trying to capture with the images e.g. children having fun, Important companies present at the show, celebraties present etc…
  10. Remember quality takes time and they can only be in one place at once.

Also remember some people won’t want to be photographed, I always ask or make sure the people I photograph know before or after that I have took images of them, but it is also better to have a note at reception saying there is a professional photographer on site.

Here are some mainly fly on the wall images I took at a exhibition this week.

Brighter Future Exhibition, Bolton Holiday Inn.

Exhibition Photographer Bolton julie lomax 07879011603_0009Exhibition Photographer Bolton julie lomax 07879011603_0008Exhibition Photographer Bolton julie lomax 07879011603_0007Exhibition Photographer Bolton julie lomax 07879011603_0006Exhibition Photographer Bolton julie lomax 07879011603_0005Exhibition Photographer Bolton julie lomax 07879011603_0004Exhibition Photographer Bolton julie lomax 07879011603_0003Exhibition Photographer Bolton julie lomax 07879011603_0002Exhibition Photographer Bolton julie lomax 07879011603_0001