Well I guess you would think that this would be my opinion on the subject, well I will endeavour to explain my reasoning on the subject!

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Phone’s are getting so much better these days and people can buy great camera’s, people may think, “I don’t need a photographer!” I’ve been told this and then booked for the event the year after, phones have their place, (as do amateur photographers) they are a great tool and have indeed taken away some of the photography market, but I am talking professional here, a Professional photographer! Not a phone or camera, the person behind the lens is the person you are hiring, it’s their eye and professionalism that will help your event or occasion.

  1. A professional photographer will capture the images you require in high quality.
  2. A professional photographer will be able to adapt to the different weather and lighting condition’s thrown at them on the day, without being flustered and still produce great images of your event.
  3. We are used to organising people and getting the best images from most situation.
  4. We can do this most of the time without people’s knowledge that they are being photographed, which puts them at ease.
  5. We have the right equipment for the job.
  6. We have experience of knowing when to go for that extra special image and when to stop as the flow of the event or occasion is more important.
  7. We make it easier for the organiser to get on with their own job.
  8. Having professional images done correctly, clean, tidy, sharp and with great composition, puts whatever you do in its best light, showing off your own professionalism.
  9. Having a professional photographer at your event also helps it run much more smoothly as the photographer will take charge of making sure everyone is were they should be, when they should be!
  10. We don’t just see the people we see the whole picture, moving clutter, changing area’s to shoot in, creating a story of your event.

This is just a few reason’s why hiring a photographer will help with your event or occasion, but to do this the photographer will need some help from you before the event to help things run smoothly.

these include:

  1.  Full address and postcode for any venues on the day.
  2. Any parking issues they may incur.
  3. Itinerary of the days events.
  4. Contact on the day, name and telephone number.
  5. Realistic list of images required, discussed beforehand with the photographer.
  6. If a certain style is preferred an idea of what that might be.
  7. Information for were the pictures might be, being used like a website address or copy of a magazine.
  8. Key people’s names that might be required to be captured during the day and if not know a picture or meeting beforehand to observe them.
  9. An area were camera’s and laptops can be left safely.
  10. Lots of Food, to keep us happy! This is a half joke, we just need to know to bring some or not.

Simple really, all of this can showcase your event or occasion in the best possible light and give you a bank of images to use has a business for at least 12 months!

If you think what running the event as cost, show casing it with a set of great images, is a great INVESTMENT!


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